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About is a simple and cost effective solution for motion graphics made to a customer’s demand. You can pick a template that suits your needs, fill in a simple form with your text and in a few minutes you’ll have a new custom video.

It can be

Normally, this kind of task will require involvement of a professional design agency. With all this can be done much easier and faster.

We constantly update our collection of templates and you can always choose a template that fits your needs.

If you have your own motion graphics which you want to modify and reuse, we can set it up for you and all you’ll have to do is to fill in a web form and you video with the new text will be ready in minutes. Of course your templates will be visible only to you, but not to other users. So please contact us if you want to have personalised and easy reversionable video graphics. If you don’t have one we can make it for you.

How to use the site

It's a fairly straightforward process:

Free version is a web link to your new video with your text and watermark. You can embed or share this link anywhere but you can’t download the file. This link will be active for three days and will then expire. You can view these files by clicking “My Downloads” in your account page.

You’ll need the credits to get a downloadable file. These credits can be purchased at your account page using Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still pay by card via Paypal. The number of credits needed for an mp4 file may vary.

Please note if you make a typo while filling a web form you’ll have to submit your text again. IF YOU MAKE A TYPO REQUESTING AN OWNED FILE YOU’LL HAVE TO SPEND YOUR CREDITS AGAIN TO GET A CORRECTED VERSION. So please check twice before downloading your video - we really don’t want you to waste your credits.

Some templates are more complicated than others, so request processing time can take up to 20 minutes, but our goal is to to keep the waiting time under 10 minutes. For more information please read Terms and Conditions while checking out.

Don’t worry that at your download page a thumbnail picture is the same as the one in the generic video. There is you new personalised video under it.

If you can’t see your new video on your account page, or your video doesn't play - refresh “My downloads” page.