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Business (12)

Coffee shop advert

A lovely template to promote a coffee shop or a restaurant. Change pictures/text/colors

Sale announcement

Tell a consumer about your offer with this video. Use your product picture and corporate colors.

Facebook Picture Post

Template for Facebook picture post. Add your text, photo, logo and color and get your personalised image for a Facebook post.

Chapter Heads

Chapter head for your video or presentation. Text and colors can be replaced for your desired ones.

Fitness club promo

A short promo for a fitness club service. Ideal for indoor displays. Background picture and color can be swapped.

Video business card

A short template to quickly introduce you or your company. Perfect for presentations or corporate video. Customisable background color

Mobile app promo

Present your awesome app with this promo video. Use your corporate color as background, enter your text, upload your screenshots. This video can be looped.

Short Sale promo

A video for a tactic sale promo campaign. Customisable background picture and colour.

Massive sale

Massive sale promo video. Can be used for online campaigns or in store. Designed to be looped

Travel Agency promo video

A graphics to promote a travel agency via social media channels or any other media

Basic promo

Nice and clean graphic to present your company or idea to a wide audience. Good for tactic promo campaigns

Property advert

A real estate property advertising layout for estate agency or property owners. Can be used on indoor displays or internet.