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Sale announcement

Tell a consumer about your offer with this video. Use your product picture and corporate colors.

Chapter Heads

Chapter head for your video or presentation. Text and colors can be replaced for your desired ones.

Video business card

A short template to quickly introduce you or your company. Perfect for presentations or corporate video. Customisable background color

Spike diagram

Customisable two periods comparison diagram. Great for explainers and infographic videos.

Video explainer for social media

Use this template to tell a story to your audience. Add your own background video via web form.

Short Sale promo

A video for a tactic sale promo campaign. Customisable background picture and colour.

Men vs women

A customisable infographic clip showing difference between men and women in relation to any given topic. Ideal for video presentations.

Rolling up announcement

An announcement which can work in public spaces such as waiting areas or stations. Main text rolls twice during 40 seconds, customisable background color. This clip can be looped.

Double bar charts

Customisable bar charts for explainers or infographic video. Name your bar charts and add their values. Adjustable colors.

Pie chart - 3 segments

Pie chart with three segments. Excellent for use within your infographic video or presentation. Segments and percentages will automatically match your submitted values.

Long portfolio video

Tell the world about your knowledges and skills to find the new clients and expand your business.

General Announcement

An announcement for playing on the indoor displays in a waiting area. Can also be used as a warning.

Greeting slideshow

Elegant video with your animated photos and text. You can use it as a birthday present or as a short wrap-up of an event to make it memorable.

Travel Agency promo video

A graphics to promote a travel agency via social media channels or any other media